Assessing and Translating the Verb Akhadha ‘أخذ’ in Quranic Texts into English


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Sameer Salih Mahdi Al-Dahwi Mustansiriyah University, College of Arts, Department of Translation, Iraq Author



Keywords: Adequate Translation, Suggested Translation, Translation Assessment



This study aims at assessing and translating the verb Akhadha ‘أخذ’ in the Glorious Quran into English. Since the verb in question has several meanings in the Glorious Quran according to the context, it should be well treated by the translator of the religious texts in general and Quranic texts in particular. Therefore, a number of Quranic ayas that contain the verb will be selected and will be subjected to translation assessment in order to measure the accuracy of the translations of the verb ‘Akhadha’ in English. If the translations of the verb are inadequate, the researcher will give the suggested translations pursuant to the contexts of the said ayas. It is hypothesized that the translators of the Quranic texts including the verb in question might encounter difficulties in translating the verb and as corollary might produce inadequate translations as a result of the various rhetorical senses the verb has. Those rhetorical senses of the verb might be deemed as difficult for translators. 


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