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دليل المقيمين Reviewers Guidelines

Alnoor Journal for Humanities: Blind Review Process

Alnoor Journal for Humanities employs a blind review system for manuscript evaluation. Reviewers are tasked with assessing submissions against specified criteria, gauging their suitability for publication. These guidelines may encompass instructions for facilitating constructive and impactful reviews. Reviewers are granted the opportunity to provide insights for both authors and editors, as well as exclusive comments intended solely for the editorial team. In line with our commitment to transparency, reviewers are expected to adhere to the policy concerning disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.

Please take into consideration the following points, where applicable:

·        Does the manuscript align with the thematic scope of Alnoor Journal for Humanities?

·        Are the presented data novel and not previously published?

·        Does the title effectively encapsulate the manuscript's essence in a concise manner?

·        Is the abstract, if included, a faithful representation of the manuscript's content?

·        Is the subject matter presented in a clear and coherent manner, following a logical structure?

·        Are the interpretations provided well-founded and substantiated?

·        Do the discussions and conclusions draw robust support from the presented results?

·        Is the citation of relevant literature comprehensive and appropriately integrated?

·        Do the tables and figures convey information clearly, encompass all vital aspects, and carry accurate labeling?

·        Are there sections within the manuscript that could benefit from refinement, expansion, or omission to enhance overall quality?

·        Does the manuscript's length align appropriately with its content and level of detail?

Comments can be entered in textual form within the designated comment field. Separate sections are provided for remarks directed at authors and those exclusively for the editorial team. Additionally, you have the option to upload revised files.

Recommendation: [Accept; Accept with revisions; Submit for review; Submit elsewhere; Decline; See comments]

Kindly review and revise the provided information as necessary.