Noam Chomsky (Views Against Terrorism)


  • Lect. Muyassar Qasim Al – Khashab Department of English Language/Al - Noor University college Author



Key words : Terror and terrotology , Chomsky , the Arab Spring, aspects of terrorism.



     This research focuses analytically on the concept of terrorism which became a part of US foreign policy. N.Chomsky, who is the famous linguist appears here as a social justice activist, and sheds light on the oppressive practices, and attitudes of the United States.

     The study holds views of terrorism in its three aspects: governmental, state – directed, and state – sponsored one through many examples of Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine, and South America.

     In this research, N. Chomsky comments, opposes the current aspects of terrorism, and defends the social rights of people inside and outside America.  

  The Objective : is to show how much terrorism is  dangerous on human societies and how N. Chomsky   exposes and condemns  certain aspects of  terrorism in this world.


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