L'intelligence artificielle et le futur de la traductologie


  • Prof. assistant Jamal Abdulhakeem Abdullah University of Almustansiriyah College of Arts/Dept. of French Author
  • Asst. Prof. Awatif Nsief Jassim AL SAADI (PhD) Aliraqia University College of Arts/Dept. of English Author




technical translation, safety manuals, challenges, skills.


Abstract The quality of the translation of safety manuals as a part of technical texts is one of the factors that can explain the extent to which the necessary protection is provided to workers in potentially dangerous areas, whether by working in a specific environment or using particular equipment or machines. However, this translation area has yet to be extensively researched. The importance of this study derives from the fact that translating safety manuals is a challenging task due to various challenges related to grammatical and linguistic differences between two languages, especially the issue of the absence of technical or scientific equivalence in the target language. This study aims to discuss the problems that may occur while translating technical texts, find solutions to them, and highlight the importance of the skills required by translators during this type of translation.


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